Honeymoon Redefined With The Enchanting Backwaters And The Lush Green Tea Gardens.

Honeymoon Redefined With The Enchanting Backwaters And The Lush Green Tea Gardens.

Located on the Malabar Coast of south west India Kerala is the hula , the enchanting backwaters as well as the evergreen vast tea locations. The state of Kerala with its exquisite beauty and splendor has been the attraction of many tourists and honeymoon couples since time immemorial.

With other attractions enjoy the lazily flowing backwaters cutting through gorgeous landscape lined with a selection of coconut trees, the sun playing hide and seek over the top of coconut trees, the whispering winds bowing by your hair, soft lapping sounds of the actual breaking against the boat, sweet silence of nature with occasional cries of the birds just you and also beloved on a honeymoon unique.

The enchanting backwaters with its canals flowing along the landscape are simply just like Venice’s romantic canals and all lovers know that Venice and romance is synonymous. Thus these backwaters are rightfully termed with the Indian Venice. With Kerala honeymoon tours enjoy the romantic backwaters here such as:-

Kumarakom- on their own Vembanad Lake a small huddle of islands lies the village of Kumarakom. This enchanted backwater destination with a bird sanctuary that spans over 14 acres of land is a hotspot for different variety of migratory birds too. Cruise along collectively beloved on the calm backwaters of Kumarakom and witness colourful migratory birds that flock that can put.

Also to enjoy here may be the leisure sport of fishing wherein could possibly land a fish utilizing your loved one particular. There are also independent cottages possess been been built on stilts among expressed coconut groves by the Kerala tourism development corp. The panoramic backwaters and also the traditional green rice barges known as Kettuvalloms is a sight seen nowhere else in the globe.

Alappuhza- hold the lazing backwater cruise on a houseboat floating towards the Vembanad Plaza. Let your eyes set upon the scenic views that reign this place and drink up the excellent nature slowly arm in arm utilizing your loved particular. The route to Vembanad Lake dotted with small villages from which you realize small kids with huge smiles waving at you as you pass by them. The green waters with sunlight playing over them occasionally breaking apart into miniscule rainbows by means of passes through the drops of water dripping in the oars will enchant you with the simplicity and attractiveness of nature.

Vaikom- because you take a tour towards Vaikom on your houseboat you’ll find the lowest island called Pathiramanal afloat the great backwaters. The refreshing greenery here will relax and rejuvenate you with the simple but enigmatic beauty it possesses. Also to be noted here could be the great temple which is dedicated to the god of destruction Lord Shiva.

After your cruises during the great backwaters a tiny bit of walking around amidst the hills of Munnar that is famous for its tea gardens would deemed a contrasting experience altogether. Tempted hill of Munnar using its picturesque views and lush green tea gardens doesn’t in by any means lag behind in beauty with the backwaters. With Munnar honeymoon packages, experience a honeymoon like few in these lush green hills.

All each and every with Kerala honeymoon you will have one of the most romantic settings at your disposal. A stay here with the scenic backwaters and picturesque hills will do your honeymoon much more romantic than you possess imagined. Come visit the commonly known Gods Own Country and rest assured this honeymoon will be a best duration of your day-to-day lives.